East Applegate Ridge Trail
The new trail system opened in 2017 and includes 5.6 miles available for hiking, biking, and horse riding.
Visitors can experience five different ecoregions—oak, woodland, pine, chapparal, mixed woodland and meadow—while soaking up the views of surrounding public land, like Wood Rat Mountain and the Poorman and Bishop Creek drainages.
There are 40-50 different wildflowers living in the area. Plants included in these photos: young poison oak; popcorn flowers; California poppy; lupine; sea blush; and fork-toothed ookow.
Wildlife in the area includes deer, fox, mountain lions, black bears, snakes and lizards.
Directions :
From Jacksonville, Oregon, go west on Applegate St, becoming Cady Road for 1.9 miles. Turn south on Sterling Creek Road. Go approximately 4 miles, turning west on BLM Road 38-2-29.1. The trail head is approximately a quarter of a mile at the end of the road.
Contact the BLM office in Medford for questions: 541-618-2200 or BLM_OR_MD_Mail@blm.gov
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