Student day of action

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    A day of action by students opposed to the recently announced increases to tuition fee

    A number of students attempted to protect a police van from further damage after it had been attacked

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    1. Guy Glover 41 months ago | reply

      ggailer I dissagree with your version, some started to be allowed to go at 6:30, the last got out after 9:30. Read this:-

    2. Valerose 41 months ago | reply

      Goddesses. Gandhi and Emmeline Pankhurst are beaming down at them, no doubt about that.

    3. Valerose 41 months ago | reply

      When did the portaloos come in Holly? Or was that a cheeky aside? My bladder would have been pleased to use the toilet in Trainspotting, was in much discomfort... :-(

    4. greentashfan 41 months ago | reply


      An extraordinary example to us all. I read about Zoe Williams in the front page of today's London Metro newspaper, and inside the standard.

      I'd love to get to the bottom of the portaloos rumour. It would be doubly shocking if this turned out to be one of those police press officer lies, because there is a human right to use the loo in private and it's bad enough that meetings like Copenhagen went on for hours with no break.

      As for the issue itself one student told me "
      "I'm hear largely because I'm angry with tuition fees... largely because I'm angry with the government's assertion that art and design doesn't matter in society."

    5. A Blind Man 41 months ago | reply

      The irony is that those schoolgirls will be amongst the first to suffer the crazy tuition fee hikes in a few years' time.

    6. chris.homer 41 months ago | reply

      These silly little girls were OBVIOUSLY just playing up to the cameras. There are big, strong photographers around to protect the van (or at-least act as a deterrent by taking evidence).

      People who fall for this baloney are incredibly gullible; I can't help but pity them. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

    7. chris.homer 41 months ago | reply

      Again, I will state this fact. Let's take the EMOTION out of this. These small girls are weaker in comparison to fully grown adult men. The van had already been trashed. They could have been gently lifted aside by the anarchists, just by lifting them.

      I'm just throwing out facts that no-one can rebut. This is proof that I am right.

    8. raysto 41 months ago | reply

      chris and others: there were people around the van at the time who had clocked the fact that the old police van was left there as bait to get the right wing media to take pictures of the trashing. there are youtube vids of people saying "you're just giving the right wing media (Camera pans to reveal a bank of photographers eagerly snapping said damage in action) an excuse!".

      the bbc, sky, others, they're all part of the problem. thankfully, due to the Internet, we are able to have a debate about this and about police tactics at demonstrations up and down the country. The demo on 10th November at Millbank, tory HQ: that too could be seen as a tactic by the state to turn potential supporters of the students against them and split the larger movement against western govt corruption and corporate greed, i.e. put a small no. of cops at the HQ, let them trash the place and let the robot media channels film it all .. Keep up the pressure everyone! we will win!!

    9. Kradlum 41 months ago | reply

      @Chris.Homer: Obviously, full grown adult men could have gently lifted aside the girls, but they didn't. The big strong photographers could have protected the van, but they didn't. Of course they didn't, they were more interested in taking photos of the van being smashed up.
      Which is kind of the point of the girls doing it. Brains and beauty win over mindless violence. Your "facts" conveniently ignore the reality of what actually happened.

    10. its jd 41 months ago | reply

      so many incredibly sweet comments, i am muchly appreciative :)

    11. wnjr 41 months ago | reply

      "Goddesses. Gandhi and Emmeline Pankhurst are beaming down at them, no doubt about that."

      Nonsense, Pankhurst and windowsmashing go hand in hand, and even Gandhi eventually recognised that it was better to live on your feet than die on your knees. Disgusting revisionism.

    12. highwaylass 41 months ago | reply

      Great photo. Brave women. Thanks for capturing it and sharing it.

    13. Guy Glover 41 months ago | reply

      Loving the unintended but inescapable implication that "left wing media" don’t report the truth @raysto.

      The power of a photograph v the stupidity of words. Title could be “Manipulation”

    14. raysto 41 months ago | reply

      @ roo reynolds - thanks for posting that. they were clearly protecting the van from the mainstream media, not just a few hothead kids smashing it up (and certainly not "anarchists" i mean, get real people). the van was a plant

    15. wnjr 38 months ago | reply

      The van clearly wasn't a plant, just one of dozens like it on that street.

    16. Guy Glover 38 months ago | reply

      wnjr no, all the other vans were strategically parked to create a protected are for the police.

      This one was left in the middle of the protest route. I was watching on tv mainly showing live overhead shots from a helicopter and was asking what that van was there for long before it turned out to be in the middle of a planned kettle.

      Later we discover it is a clapped out old van that probably hasn’t been in use for a while....

    17. wnjr 35 months ago | reply

      Guy Glover: "Later we discover it is a clapped out old van that probably hasn’t been in use for a while."

      No, we don't.

      "The vehicle is 6 years old and is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 416. The vehicle was deployed 38 times over the last 6 months. The vehicle is currently being repaired."

      "The Met has a total Carrier fleet of 242 vehicles. The Carrier shown on the BBC has been in service for six years. From the Carrier fleet there are 182 vans that have been in service up to five years and 60 vans, including the Carrier mentioned that have been in service six years or more."

    18. Kradlum 35 months ago | reply

      Or in other words, it's in the older 1/4 of the fleet, and isn't used very much. The FOI request unfortunately didn't ask when it was last used, or what for, or how frequently other vans are used. It could have not been used for 4 1/2 months, or it could have been abandoned in another kettle more recently and not smashed up.

      Given that depreciation on motor vehicles is generally 25% on a reducing value (sometimes as much as 33%, I can't find a record of the value the Met uses) I'll leave it to the reader to work out the actual value of the van.

    19. wnjr 34 months ago | reply

      Desperately clinging to a conspiracy theory despite every piece of contradictory evidence is not a healthy attitude.

    20. Kradlum 33 months ago | reply

      I don't have any theory, I'm just pointing out that the facts don't really back up your statement.

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