• missed a spot here. haha - ziteng's
  • yeah i didn't crop this cos i was too lazy

my computer went up in smoke .

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fried my motherboard.. don't even know how it happened. gotta wait a couple of weeks as acer singapore has no stock for that part. yikes. my work is due soon.

so now am using a shared computer - my sister laptop. thank goodness it's still around. if not i have to go down to school everyday! yikes. i miss my quad core acer.

got this from inside the car through the top part of the windscreen where there is this filter. look down to the lower right and that is what the sky colour is supposed to be..

shot through (nikon d80) nikkor 50mm @ 50mm ƒ8 iso200 1/1000sec

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  1. blehk 62 months ago | reply

    sob sob. i want my computer..

  2. tttaaaooo 62 months ago | reply

    oh no prime.. what happen to your asus? not powerful enough?

  3. blehk 62 months ago | reply

    haha the asus was a snail by my standard. and it was giving me the feeling that it will give up soon, so i sold that away.. hehe.

  4. wallatrope 62 months ago | reply

    that sucks :/ hope you get a new computer soon... lol

    this is a really cool shot though!

  5. corridorslippers 62 months ago | reply

    Very cool shot through the window!

  6. Totally Awesome... 62 months ago | reply

    At least we now know the car's sun shade really works LOL. I still don't believe ACER still a popular brand in Singapore......that brand died here.

  7. hock how & siew peng 62 months ago | reply

    sorry about your computer, when is the new one arriving? going to pc fair??


  8. blehk 62 months ago | reply

    not getting another one steph, gotta try to repair that, next time will slowly upgrade that one. getting new one = expensive..

    haha, it's through the car windscreen. thanks corridor, i envy you..

    haha, yeah i think it works to shield the strong glare. yeah acer is still alive and kick'n here, cos they are dirt cheap.

    not getting a new one, but i will be going down to pc fair nonetheless.

  9. hock how & siew peng 62 months ago | reply

    so u like to get squash there? haha


  10. raemin 62 months ago | reply

    Nice blue!

  11. blehk 62 months ago | reply

    it's that bad today. was there in the afternoon, talked to this nice guy over at olympus.he does underwater macros. very nice photos he's got. very insightful. he use only 3 prime lens.

    thank you raemin.

  12. jo3f 62 months ago | reply

    nice shot, just the lamp post is distracting.
    i think u should upgrade ur computer ;p

  13. blehk 62 months ago | reply

    yeah didn't crop them out. too lazy without my usual microsoft live photo gallery and photoshop.

  14. VotreX 62 months ago | reply

    very nice!!!!!

  15. Yato 62 months ago | reply

    fantastic dragon

  16. blehk 62 months ago | reply

    thanks vortex, this photo is kinda weird.

    where is the dragon? hahah =)

  17. Y.J.Bel 62 months ago | reply

    nice pic,, prime prime, ur comp must be working very very hard,,, hope u get ur comp soon,,,

  18. blehk 62 months ago | reply

    yeah it went poof! stupid acer. why is it taking so long to repair.

  19. blehk 20 months ago | reply

    thanks for that

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