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100-in-1 Electronic Project Kit

When I was in the 3rd grade, my friend Paul had one of these. His mom used to watch us after school. We played for hours on this thing making radios, tweeting birds, and blinking lights. I asked my parents to get me one for Christmas 3 years in a row. Eventually my dad came through with a 150-in-1 in 6th grade. I ran across this one and couldn't resist getting it. The kit was complete save the original earphone and a few wires. Some of the wires had come loose on the back and some had corroded through due to it being kept in a damp area. It's all working now. The first thing I built was a 3 transistor radio. The power amplifier transistor was overheating, so the sound faded off after a while, but it did work. Bubbles asked me if the radio was playing stations being broadcast today or from when I was a kid.


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Uploaded on September 24, 2007