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Goonja. Bangalore

Age of Incident: 12 or 13

Present Age:16

Incident:I used to go to tennis coaching in 2 different places.One was 3 times a week and many people used to come.Another was every Sunday with only me and my friend.We both used to go.There were 2 courts.One a little in front of the other so part of the court we played in was not seen. Anyway this man was a little weird from the very beginning.He used to touch me near and in between my thighs but just for a second or so.I never knew and I thought it was to correct our positions.It was weird and I was little cautious.Then one day the ball went out and he asked my friend to get it as she had hit it out.It takes time to get the ball from outside.In the mean time we were standing and he tried correcting my position.Before I knew it his hands were creeping down my sleeves.I freaked.I tried to move but unsuccessfully.Then he stopped and my friend came in.I don't know how long it was but it seemed hours.I was really young and didn't know what to do.If it was now I would have slapped him.My friend didn't know.I was terrified.That day all I was terrified was of someone coming to know of this.It was something shameful.I didn't tell my parents.My friend had also noticed his weird way way of correcting our positions.She told her mother.Her mother told mine.She hadn't experienced something as bad as me but she felt awkward.No one knew what I had gone through.I felt it was something shameful and that is how I guess most young people react.I was scared,distressed and felt my self unworthy of others.I hate that man for making me go through something like that.I hate that man because I blamed myself for something that was not my fault.I stopped going and playing tennis.It carried bad memories.I stopped in the other place too.I hated it after that.But now Iam completely alright with it.I know how to deal with myself and I know what I would or rather should do.That's all


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Taken on September 7, 2008