Annie. Defence Colony. Petrol Pump, Delhi

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    "Defence Colony. Petrol Pump. Delhi"
    "I was in an auto, waiting, when a stranger - a young man - approached. He first asked the auto-driver whether he was free. When told 'no', he withdrew, then came back a second later and addressed me, saying (in English) "What are you doing tonight? You want to party?" I stared at him for five seconds and then asked him, "Why do you assume you can just walk upto any woman and ask her - " I had not finished my sentence when he backed away, saying, "I just thought I'd ask."

    1. what is in a name 111 months ago | reply

      first of all its bravo to reply in the manner you replied to that stranger. second it is really shameful that people (let me add sick people) take women for granted. and believe me he would have felt no shame even after your mild rebuke.can you say why?
      in blank noise we always criticise bad behaviour with women but don't you think women should also express their thankfulness their gratitude to persons who behaved well with them. in the end our aim is to build a better society and giving account of good experience will give some pessimist a little hope
      thank you

    2. anniezaidi 111 months ago | reply

      its all a very complex system of ideas of the female in public. it was not about him taking me for granted. it was about the stranger assuming that every woman who is outdoors, unaccompanied, can only be there because she is making herself available to strangers. it is as if a woman has no right to be out on the streets.
      i did not really intend to shame the stranger. i was both sad and angry and tired and wanted him to realise this, and think a little about his own assumptions.
      as for gratitude, i think all people (not just women and not just blank noise activists) should feel grateful when any other person treats them well, with respect and kindness.
      but if i or any woman has to feel grateful for something that is a right, what any human being should be able to take for granted.... that's is a bit much, isnt it?

    3. Kkrrishnae 110 months ago | reply

      Hi Annie,
      Its quite unfortunate this happened with you. I can clearly explain this to you. "The fault dear Brutus is not in your stars but in yourself". The guy who approached you was actually mislead by you,( not his fault!). That guy is a regular f**ker who was looking for a prostitute and in most of the cities in Our great India prostitutes and Autorickshaw and prostitutes join hands in business. thats where you were coming from.
      May god bless you, as a matter of fact i have concerns for blanknoise and these sought of gimmicks will derail the actual concern for which blanknoise stands for.
      If you are a Blanknoise volunteer then i need to ask you whether you are doing the right things or are you even doing the things right. in the long run things will be in a brighter light if you go the right track

    4. nilu_nanthan 107 months ago | reply

      I don't understand -- if he merely asked and did not persist after being told you were not interested, why is that wrong?

    5. Rangzy 103 months ago | reply

      that 'rear-view' mirror (at the center), is for a 'different' purpose, which blanknoise team would be interested to focus on. If you observe well, it cannot reflect whats behind the auto. Its there for the auto-drivers to stare at the female passengers.
      I asked several auto-drivers about it, and they all said the same version !

    6. Neethu skr 96 months ago | reply

      hei annie, this post is unrelated to your above clip. i just need a favour from you na... i wanna to find one of my friend @ defence colony. Im curiously trying to find her. Can you help me yaar.? If ok, can you reply me?

    7. satyawadi 66 months ago | reply

      waah itni izzat se reply kiya???? mujhse bhi kisine aise hi pucha tha maine usko wahi par peet diya aur wo dubara mujhe dikhayi diya to maine usko dubara peet diya!

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