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Song Of The Sea - (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

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The beautiful and timeless fortress city of Dubrovnik; the pearl of the Adriatic Sea.


One of the main attractions of Dubrovnik are the walls themselves. For a small fee, you can walk all the way around the old city, seeing amazing views along the way. Every time I was up there, I saw people filming in various locations around the city. I figured that it was just some small student film or something similar. A few months later I found out that HBO was filming season 2 of The Game of Thrones inside the city. I guess that explains why so many people were walking around in medieval costumes. ;)


Technical Mumbo Jumbo


Camera: Nikon D700

Lens: 24-70 f/2.8

ISO: 100

Exposure: 1/350 at f/4.8


First off, this photo was processed from a single RAW file. It’s also important to note that while I typically shoot 3-5 exposure brackets, I don’t always use them. ;)


After distortion correction and chromatic aberration removal in Lightroom 4, I did some color and contrast correction in Photoshop. Since I shot during Golden Hour, the light already had a natural warmth to it and the sky had a nice natural orange. I just enhanced the saturation where necessary.


The moon —since it was distorted by the wide angle— was shot separately and added back in 80% larger. It was placed exactly over top.




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Taken on August 28, 2012