Amiga 1200
This is the second Amiga 1200 I've towered. (See the first here.) For this project I utilized a "Noblesse" custom tower from Revanche, LLC. It's a stylish unit that is compatible with several popular busboards, etc.

All parts were gathered, new, in late 2004 aside from the Blizzard A1260 accelerator with 66MHz 68060 (an overclocked 60MHz processor) and Blizzard SCSI module, which were used items. A FlickerMagicT scan doubler / flicker-fixer was used to allow the use of a standard 31kHz VGA display which, in this case, is a 19" Sony CRT on a KVM.

I use this system primarily for demos and games. A demo running on this level of hardware is much more impressive, relatively speaking, than those running on current, many-gigahertz, 3D accelerated PCs.
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