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Occupy Tranquility Base!

Tranquility Base Episode #356 - Not you lot too?


Oooh, topicality! I just had to interrupt the normal comic (and once more demolish the fourth wall) to do this.


Interesting (or not) fact of the day: this episode is the first and possibly only time many of these characters have been seen in the same location. You'll notice a few of them aren't actually on Tranquility Base at the moment and the guy in the Godzilla outfit hasn't been seen at all -- we'll just assume he's another character dressed-up for the protest.


The robot slave labourer is one of Pete Reid's (Legoloverman) Nova MkII robots.



You are reading the highlights of Tranquility Base. These are episodes that I feel are special in some way- they may mark milestones or I might just particularly like them. Some episodes may not make sense out of context, so if you want the full Tranquility Base experience, then I humbly suggest you visit the webite.

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Uploaded on November 30, 2011