Robot Dog Instructions

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    It's very easy, but in case you need it, here's how to build the robot dog featured on Tranquility Base.

    Take careful note of step 2 - you have a choice of using an old-style 'finger hinge' (used in the instructions) or the new-style 'click hinge'. The method for attaching the tail (control stick) is slightly different in each.

    Obviously the colour scheme is entirely up to you. Go nuts!

    Remember, if you take a picture of your robot dog doing something funny (or in an unusual place etc), let me know and I'll add it to theTranquility Base robot dog hall of fame!

    Instructions are also freely available as a downloadable PDF file: Robot Dog Instructions

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    1. Mad physicist 61 months ago | reply

      Really neat that you go to all this trouble for the fans of your comic. I look forward to seeing pictures of the robot dog sent in by readers. Heck, I may participate myself! I'm pretty sure I've got the parts for this.

    2. BullsEyeTie 61 months ago | reply

      I built a dog tonight. Got a sci-fi convention here in Houston this weekend and then some photos should be forthcoming!

    3. ig_adams 59 months ago | reply

      Pneumatic tube to make the fit in the click hinge is genius. The finger hinge version is mega-stressing the element though.

      Fab design otherwise - plenty of options for colour schemes.

    4. LouiseDade 59 months ago | reply

      I believe it was either Stuart (OptimalControl) or Ed (Lego Monster) who once said "if you're not stressing the element, then you're not trying hard enough."

    5. Jacapig 48 months ago | reply

      Helpful tip: the ball of the lever fits snugly into the hinge.

    6. NO REAL PLOT! 23 months ago | reply

      thank you for this! I can't wait to try it out.

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