Broken Glass
Performed at Blackwood Little Theatre in September 2009, Broken Glass tells the story of Phillip and Sylvia Gellburg, a Jewish married couple living in New York in the last days of November 1938. Phillip is obsessed with his job at a Wall Street bank, where he works on foreclosing.

Philip and Sylvia rarely spend quality time together until Sylvia suddenly becomes partially paralyzed from the waist down after reading about the events of Kristallnacht in the newspaper. Dr. Harry Hyman is called in to help and concludes that Sylvia's paralysis is psychosomatic.

Sylvia reveals to Dr. Hyman the problems in her personal life, in particular, her marriage. After an argument with his boss, Philip suffers a stroke. While he is dying, he and Sylvia finally confront each other about their feelings. Upon Philip’s death, Sylvia is cured of her paralysis.
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