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will you free me from this spell I'm in | by JenavieveMarie
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will you free me from this spell I'm in

OK here we go, finally getting around to this :) Yeesh, was tagged three times - thanks to all of you who tagged me, it made me smile :) Eep, I'm also sorry if I tagged anyone who's already been tagged 9283928 times, I just tagged the people who came to my head first! :D<3


ten facts:

1. I hate the feeling of touching stuff directly after I wash and dry my hands so I HAVE to put

lotion on them or I freak out.

2. I like when people tell me what they dislike about me because it makes me more

comfortable with how sometimes I don't like myself.

3. I could give people advice all day long, I love hearing problems and helping them

get fixed.

4. I have been to over 3 haunted/abandoned insane asylums.

5. My mom and dad have taught me everything important that I know.

6. I don't know what the initial spark for me wanting to take pictures was.

7. I seriously do not think anyone else thinks the way I do - It's very warped and weird

inside my head.

8. Sometimes I'll be so quiet while someones talking that I'll think I've responded to them

just because I was thinking of the response, while I really didn't say anything and then

they're left sitting there in silence while I think I responded.

9. I think about dreams I've had during the day and try to spot things in real life that

I saw in my dreams.

10. I don't like lamps/light bulbs or any type of electric lighting, I never turn any lights on.


also, four in comments from outtakes of today :)

in the third picture my shoulders are slumped, you can just call me slumpy! :P


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Taken on May 5, 2010