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A Little Something | by black phoenix2010
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A Little Something

RULE: Stop what you're doing and take a photo.... like RIGHT NOW! Then you give 10 facts about yourself and tag other people other then the person who tagged you (which in this case is me).


Thanks to tambrose1 for tagging me (I don't know how to tag a person in the description so the link to her photo is down below)


i was doing some paper quilling when i got tagged by tatiana and i had a plastic packet in front of me with "thank you and best wishes" written on it, so i thought, "why not take the oppurtunity to thank a few well-deserving people in the process".. so this is what u get when u combine quilling and plastic bags..

firstly, a HUUUUUUGE thanks to my friends saikat and paul for being there for me in whatever way they can, inspite of miles of distance between us (and trust me, not even people living in the same city are always that helpful), thanks to madhu for being an absolute angel, and thanks to my dad for giving me my camera in the first place, and being the greatest guy i've known

and of course, thanks to tatiana for tagging me in the first place! :)


now for the 10 facts (man! i'm really bad at these things):

1 - i live in india, in the city of kolkata, which is also known as the city of joy, and i'm an amateur photographer


2 - besides photography, i also enjoy painting, singing, writing and various other artforms, like clay modelling and quilling (but u may have already realized that)


3 - i'm a bit moody, sometimes a bit eccentric, my friends say i'm crazy, but in a good way


4 - i love rock music and can't stand pop music, especially pop "divas" and boybands.. one of my favourite bands is linkin park and i have an enormous crush on mike shinoda (it's so hard to find cuteness, intelligence and great talent all in a single guy)


5 - some of my dreams are to travel around the world, to meet sir david attenborough and james hetfield, and to sprout wings and fly in the rain (i said they were dreams)


6 - i'm incredibly scared of spiders


7 - (at this point, i'm racking my brains to remember anything interesting to come up with.. i told u i'm bad at these things).. yea.. i love to take pictures in lowlight.. oh well, that wasn't too interesting, anyway


8 - i love spicy food.. i love biriyani (a mughlai dish) and spicy phuchkaas (ultra-delicious roadside snacks) but i love desserts too


9 - i hate the phrase "female actor".. there's a word called "actress", why not use it? or alternatively, why not use "male actress"?


10 - someday, i'm gonna kidnap paul's cat, jules, and then i'll train him (jules, not paul) to sing the opera and take over the world by his feline singing skills.. that was too random, i know, but i ran out of facts about me


if u havn't fallen asleep by now, reading this loooooooong list, i congratulate u on ur patience, till then, have a terrific day! :)

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Taken on May 7, 2011