tron popup shop
the tron popup shop at royal/t
19 november to 23 december 2010

8910 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

18 december 2010
a few more photos from the tron popup shop. new seating outside of shop reminiscent of the safehouse.

8 december 2010
new photos were taken during the flynn lives arg but are found in this photo set instead:

6 december 2010
added 17 new photos to this photo set. tron high tea menu and a few items at the shop.

29 november 2010
added 14 new photos of what's new or different at the store from the last time i visited with a camera. these are labeled with '20 november 2010' in the captions. they probably ended up in the back end of this photoset.

-one of the shelves now has the toys wired to an ac outlet.
-new adidas shirt.
-another shot of the adidas light-up shoes.

19 november 2010 - grand opening
the grand opening of the tron popup shop in culver city selling exclusively licensed couture merchandise.

the first 14 photos are of obishawn's starwars h-wing car that was parked in front of the shop. the rest are of the tron popupshop.

a video of the shop can be found here:

my photos of last night at the tron popup shop, where certain appearances were made:
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