ikea diy headphone stand
inspiration & instructions from:

w1retap's original ikea hack:

i just made the thing out of ikea hardware parts on 8/29/08 and took pics on 8/31/08.

this is the same modification w1retap used, but with an elaborated explanation of the details and more pictures.

gotta love industrial design aesthetics. :]

i'm still considering various base mounting options but haven't commited to any permanent solution.

while they were originally made for headphones, i can see these used for holding various items -like necklaces, keys, small gadgets via a wrist strap, swiss alpine ww2 goggles, or whatever.

one idea i was thinking about is to base mount all four stands on a 2x1 strip of wood or mdf. this can be mounted on a back table edge or shelf flush against the wall to maximize shelf space -while providing addiitional functionality.

another idea is to base mount them upside down on the underside of a shelf or desk table to maximize space and to have them easily accessible.

the pictures in this set have detailed captions explaining how i made mine.

check out the two links above for more info on this headphone stand project.

actual size of drilled hole 7/16" diameter. i used a 7/16 drill bit, not a 3/8" one.

update (1 sept 08):
added 3 more pictures showing the hole made is not 3/8". this would be too small for my bolt. if you want to tread the hole, experiment with a bit smaller than 7/16" but bigger than 3/8".
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