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2 Days Later - Fuligo septica - Flowers of Tan,  Dog Vomit Slime Mould | by Black Diamond Images
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2 Days Later - Fuligo septica - Flowers of Tan, Dog Vomit Slime Mould

Physarales - Fuligo

Stemonitales - Stemonitis


I discovered this quite large Slime Mould growing right on top of a large heap of woodchip. This is an image of the deteriorating fungi two days later.


Click HERE to see this fungus when it was fresh and new.


The following is quoted from Bruce Fuhrer's book A "Field Guide To Australian Fungi" 2005 P.343.


Slime Moulds

The Myxomycota are commonly known as Slime Moulds and are now classified in the kingdom Protoctista.

They are a distinctive group of organisms sharing some of the characters of amoeba and fungi. The mature fruit body,called the sporangium produces spores that eventually develop into a creeping, slime like mass called a plasmodium. The plasmodium behaves like a giant amoeba, feeding on bacteria, fungi and decaying organic matter. ......................

The slime moulds are often included in the fungal literature ...... to stimulate interest in these relatively little known organisms."


Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for June 1999


This link has some info and a great image also.

Here is another one.

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Taken on December 13, 2009