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Paper Neg: Port Oneida

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I picked up a quirky little book at last week's Crappy Camera Club

meeting: Picture Making with Paper Negatives, by Nowell Ward, first

published in 1938. I read it in bed when I got home and got thoroughly

inspired. The process outlined in the book is basically very simple,

though long-winded, and I followed it pretty closely to make this



1. The negative was made with a Yashica Mat 124G, Tri-X, red

filter. Developed in HC-110. This was taken back in my artist residency

last summer.


2. I made a paper positive with the enlarger, on expired Kodabromide,

projected like a regular print, but over-exposed by about a stop.

Developed in expired (and pretty oxidised) Dektol.


3. Then I made a paper negative by contact printing the paper

positive. Exposure time was about a minute, using the enlarger as a

light source, lens wide open. Same paper and dev.


4. The final print made by contact printing the paper negative, this

time the exposure was just 15 secs. Same paper and dev.


Each step is dependent on getting exposure right on each of the

previous steps, so it takes a bit of experimentation and luck,

especially to tame the crazy contrast (which I mostly failed to do).


Oh yeah, and there's some paper kitchen towel action going on in there too...

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Uploaded on January 15, 2008