• I remember the arguements for being an ".org"!
  • The infamous java clocks
  • lambie-nairn's last-minute rebrand - which hasn't dated as much as I think current BBC identities will...
  • Sundry hypertext usability crimes perpetrated against best advice of messrs lane, broxton, wood, karas, robinson etc.
  • "Puffboxes" - the graphic equivalent of hard labour on devils island. Later to be rationlised and turned into something far more graphically powerful by the design team
  • Advertising the A/V with a 'real' logo - it was popular back in tha' day.
  • Pretty glad Heseltine wasn't correct...
  • Java news 'ticker'
  • dEspatches? - awbalfour
  • this page IS text only in modern vernacular - awbalfour

10 years old

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  1. Ben Terrett 79 months ago | reply

    That (up there) still looks better than a lot of sites today.

  2. eyedropper.co.uk 79 months ago | reply

    Here's a history of the BBC homepage from 1996 until I stopped giving a shit

  3. papa lozarou 79 months ago | reply

    Ah, that ballot box graphic, used that bugger many a time...

  4. Phil Gyford 79 months ago | reply

    I remember at some point when BBC News changed its design and I said that it was crap that they didn't make the design change across all the old pages too.

    I've known for some time that I was wrong then. I now love that older pages on the site look older. There can't be many (any?) websites where one has such a great visual cue for the age of the page. eg: news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/43322.stm (shame about the errors, but still)

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