Honey I shrunk the Red Hook
Project Description:

"Honey I Shrunk the Red Hook" is a collaboration between Luis Blackaller and Andy Cavatorta for Lucky Gallery that functions as a public action, interactive installation and participatory performance. It aims to bring together a diverse mix of members of the Red Hook community and inspire them to use art and the gallery space as a communication device to start a creative discussion about Red Hook. The artists will create a cardboard model of the streets around the gallery, and a collection of photographic laser-cut dolls made in the image of real Red hook inhabitants. Visitors will be encouraged to play with the dolls, and new dolls will be made upon request.. The familiar sights and people everybody knows will meet the ones in the imagination, giving visitors a chance to meet (or even be!) the familiar strangers all around them.

Part of my inspiration:

"Red Hook has an air of Mystery that I can't find anywhere else in New York. It feels somewhat uncharted, perhaps separated as it is from the New York comprehensive subway network. When thinking about making art for Red Hook, I immediately felt like using this art as an excuse to get closer to the people in it, and learn about the place from them, hopefully helping them learn from each other in the process."
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