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Rules :

"1- Find a cool, random, picture that helps describe one of your questions.

2- Write 20 things that NO ONE really knows about you (if you don't have many things, you can shorten the amount)

3- After you're done, tag all your friends!"



I was tagged by Edhelwen and Nelene, thanks girls, I love tags! ^_^


For the 20 facts, I think some are known already... here we go:


1. About the picture (not sure it's really cool, though): well, food rules my life, I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to look at pics in cooking magazines and books, and I love nice food smells... ^_^ I love these sesame bars and eat them a lot these days... I will probalby get fed up with them quite soon...

2. I have often troubles to make up my mind, but once my mind is set on something, I get quite stubborn

3. I never tan in summertime, I just turn from fluorescent to white...

4. I collect blue bottles

5. I'm an Earl Grey addict

6. I'm a no-sport girl (but did quite a lot of it in my "wild youth": horseriding & basketball)

7. I quite like to walk to do all my errands, and I am persuaded that it's as healthy as regular sports...

8. I rediscoverred the joys of swimming in the lake

9. I love the internet for these things: dolly stuff and the great people I found through that hobby, crafting stuff, watching movie-trailers on youtube ^_^

10. I love crafting (sewing, some knitting& crochet, etc.) and I am desperate when I have those days where these things don't fit in because of lack of time...

11. I am a very sociable person, but I also need those days without social engagements, to be able to be in my "cave"

12. I have what we call "l'alcool joyeux" = happy alcohol, I giggle a lot when I had a couple of glasses, I don't get broody or whatever...

13. I happen to smoke a cigarette sometimes...

14. I always wanted to have red hair or black hair... or wavy hair

15. But for the moment , I'm really happy with the haircut that I have, so I don't care

16. I'd love to travel to Japan one day, and to learn some japanese beforehand

17. I hate heat

18. I'd like to have a VW beetle one day, in a funky colour

19. I'm not very good at maths... really not...

20. I'm happy to have my two beautiful and clever girls!



So, now, you're tagged, folks, feel free not to do it if you don't want.... ^_^

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Taken on June 2, 2012