soon coming: photos from paris

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    Well it is about that time for me to head back overseas and check out Paris, France. It will be my first time hanging with the french (don't count the french speaking cities in switzerland) and i hope to have a good time.

    I do know one chick in Paris and she has agreed to tour me around the city. As always i'll be on the hunt for any and all things cool. if any of you have been please let me know of some places to go. I don't leave 'til next monday (7th) so any concerts, art shows, anything that sounds interesting to see, experience or photograph please holler at me.

    So far i haven't picked a place to stay. I wanted to stay at a hotel called The Five but since our dollar is so amazingly lame, 3 nights for 800 bills is not so financially sound (and i think there is a little thing at louis vuiton that is calling my name). As of now i'm looking for an apartment to rent for the week.

    Of course i'm going to photograph Paris as much as i did tokyo so look out for the photos over at

    aight, that is it for now.

    curious about the light setup? :

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    1. Nadine Miranda 116 months ago | reply

      can't wait to hear/see the stories!

    2. marcianneliese 116 months ago | reply

      Is that in a glass baking dish?

    3. Ajanam 116 months ago | reply

      i can't wait to see all the pretty pics (and feel absolutley free to pick up an souvies for me--i promise not to be offended)

    4. *p. 116 months ago | reply

      boi !

      that's dope, lookin forward to more pics and shared experiences.

      p.s. If you want I can give you a quick lesson en francais, some pick-up lines you might wanna use or somethin lol

    5. six.five 116 months ago | reply

      my parents went in Feb. and stayed here. It's pretty reasonable, might be an option.

    6. brandon king 116 months ago | reply

      Nope, not a glass dish marci, it is the clear chair from jill

    7. miss-u 116 months ago | reply

      What!! I'm so jealous. I hope you have beaucoup d'amusement. Can't wait to see the beautiful pictures :)

    8. calinative 116 months ago | reply

      *so jealous*


      *storms off*

    9. brandon king 116 months ago | reply

      *p i'm sure anything would help. i know not one bit of french!

    10. brandon king 116 months ago | reply

      c'mon cali, don't be jealous. ill bring you back something

    11. 5OH7 116 months ago | reply

      bk.. John goes back April 11th, so I'll put you in touch with him if you're trying to kick it.

      and when we went in Feb. my girl rented a nice place for cheap that she found on Craigslist.. check your email

    12. 5OH7 116 months ago | reply

      oh! and let me hit Rafcha up for you too.. he's everywhere you want to be

    13. brandon king 116 months ago | reply

      yup oux, that has been on my list of places to go for a long time.

    14. lesleykatnyc 116 months ago | reply

      damn. i need a passport.

    15. Mallory Dover [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      you HAVE to get the banana and chocolate crepes!!! that is of course, after you've had wine by the eiffle tower.

    16. Mallory Dover [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

      banana and nutella crepes to be exact. also, i wouldnt worry so much about not knowing any french. i know some french but i didnt need it bc there are so many tourists that it's pretty easy to get around on just english. OH and watch out for the guys who will try to get you to buy these little "friendship bracelett" things. theyre in groups and they totally go after everyone. lol. just say no and keep walking.
      gosh i wish i could remember what this area was called but there's a real busy but super artsy area downtown. it really reminds me of a rich man's yellowsprings. there's a huge hill of stairs that leads to a cathedral that is right at the end of that area. im sure you'll find it.
      lol hope that helps

    17. marcianneliese 115 months ago | reply

      Montmartre, thats the area and the banana and nutella crepes are better than...well everything in life.

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