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Aaaargh...Oh no. It is If.


I have the scary clown named It and now I have this thing named If.


me: Are you a scary clown too?


If: No. I am a long nosed beastiary. I am very attractive in the way that I am attractive and I am here to tell you that you may consider me a friend inside for advice. I am from the advisory committee.


me: Whatever shall I do If? I want to do something interesting and creative with my talents and abilities. I have time to devote to doing something. What shall I do? What If?


If: You shall do what you shall do and you shall do what you shall do when you do it. I would suggest that you take your pictures and put them onto a site on the internet where they can be viewed by other interested parties.


me: I already did that.


If : Then we suggest that you continue to work on your craft until you get better at your technique.


me: I already did that too. I can always get better but I think that I am good enough to be proud of my pictures.


If: Your pictures are proud of you too sweet Woman. You will be delighted to know that we are working behind the scenes to find you a place to hang your pictures that is not in your house. You may expect to find a matter to be considered.


me: Where?


If: In your box of ins.


me: My inbox?


If: yes. Your inbox will be finding that he or she will be infiltrated by a missive from a person of interest. This person of interest will be finding your work interesting.


me: O.K. When is this going to happen?


If: Sooner or later. That is a psychic prediction.


me: I am a little psychic. That is sometimes I know things in advance.


If: That is because we tell you things you are not supposed to know yet.


me: I know but some people call that being psychic.


If: We call it being well connected.


me: O.K. I am well connected then.


If: Yes, and people who are well connected are able to expect to be taken care of.


me: I do expect to be taken care of but I want to be taken care of and to be able to do interesting things.


If: What if....


me: What If?


If: What if we arranged for you do meet someone you would otherwise not meet if we did not meddle.


me: That is fine with me. When?


If: What if we were to tell you that you will meet someone soon who we are sending your way?


me: I would be happy.


If: Good What if we were to tell you that you will be remarked upon by someone very soon.


me: What kind of someone. A real someone or a figment?


If : Figments always remark upon you. We are expecting a remarkable happenstance to befall you in the future and your future is now.


me: Now?


If: Well, maybe tomorrow or the next day but one thing is for sure, you are on notice.


me: O.K. Thanks If.


If: You are entirely welcome Sweet Woman....




This picture was drawn upside down ....Strathmore visual journal 5.5x8".

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Taken on April 9, 2012