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Sibilant Esses | by B.Jolou
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Sibilant Esses

Those are hissy ess sounds. That can only mean one thing, Pedlow is around.


Pedlow is my lower worker and she is usually pictured as a snakelike creature.


I also have another snake and his name is Asper.


Pedlow and Asper, they are a pair.


me: I did not know that you and Asper had hooked up Pedlow.


Pedlow: It is not something that I tell everyone. I am a very independent serpent and I am not one to chain myself to a relationship with a creep.


me: Is Asper a creep? I thought he was a decent sort.


Pedlow: He is a creepy Crawlie and I would not have him any other way. Still I like to have my solitude and peace and quiet. I am a slithery snake and I have my strange ways.


me: What are your strange ways? Inquiring minds want to know.


Pedlow: They are unique unto me and they are fluid and changeable. In fact I am going through a metamorphasis right now and I am shedding my skin. I vant to be alone.


me: O.K. Pedlow. What is Asper going to do when you are shedding your skin and transforming yourself?


Pedlow: He will be understanding and patient hopefully. If he is not able to be understanding and patient then it is understood that he will be slithering on down the dusty highway.


me: I think that Asper is a pretty good snake and one who is able to get with the program and maybe shed some of his own scales.


Pedlow: That would be a good idea. He could use a good moulting.




This picture is viewable upside down. It was drawn in a Strathmore Visual Journal 9x12"


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Taken on April 4, 2012