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He she or it is a character who is kind of on a downer. Being down is not always a bad thing and the sun is sunny and sunny means bright. Sundowner is kind of like a low down sunflower without edible seeds. She is not a flower and she is not seedy.


me: It is very nice to meet you Sundowner.


Sundowner: The pleasure is mine B.G. I have heard everso much about you.


me: I cannot say the same. Who are you and what is your function?


Sundowner: My function is to be suspicious. I am not so sure about the current happenings at Pedlow Place.


me: I am worried Sundowner. My Emily told me that I am not likely to have a fun afternoon. I am getting stressed out already and nothing bad has happened yet.


Sundowner: Anticipation is 9/10ths of the law.


me: Really? That is not something that I have heard before.


Sundowner: It is true. You are to know that your rate of anticipation is 98.83%


me: Is that bad? or good?


Sundowner: What do you think B.G.?


me: I think I am fairied. That means that I don't stand a chance. I am in for it.


Sundowner: It is a scary clown.


me: I know.


Sundowner: Tell you what, if you promise to be nice and not nasty, we will give you a break.


me: I promise. I am working on that.


Sundowner: You are going to be getting a vacation.


me: Do I get to take a trip?


Sundowner: No. You get to make a trip.


me: Like a trap?


Sundowner: Not exactly, but close. You are going to be giving a relatively difficult constituent a theoretical equation. There is a little math coming up and we will be asking our constituent to please find his x.


me: What is the equation?


Sundowner: What is the solution to the problem?


me: I don't know. I need to know the question first.


Sundowner: The question is for you to know and for us to find out. We will provide you with the answer and that is x.


me: I hate math.


Sundowner: That is not all you hate. You also hate giving up when there is a solution to be had.


me: That is true. Is there a solution to be had?


Sundowner: Yes. There is a solution. It is a potion that is potentially powerful. Please commence to potioning and we will help you.


me: O.K. Thank you Sundowner.


Sundowner: You are entirely welcome B.G.




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Taken on February 8, 2012