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Pease Porridge




I like my Pease Porridge steaming hot. A Piping hot bowl of Pease Porridge is coming up in my very near future.


That's good news for me.


We have a lot of characters or people or what we like to call "friends inside" that perform different functions or represent different ideas.


Pease Porridge is a clappy game where friends get together and play and sing a little song and slap hands and there can be only two players or as many as will fit into a circle. There is always room for one more player and we can enlarge the circle as needed.


Pease Porridge is a friend inside for having friends.


Emily: You are to know that you are very porridgey and you are going to be getting another serving of pease.


me: O.K. When?


Emily: When you are seated at the table with your spoon in hand.


me: I hope this is all metaphorical because I would never eat a pease porridge but if I were to eat a metaphorical pease porridge I would like for it to be nice and friendly an pleasant and funny and sweet.


Emily: Consider it done SweetHeart.


me: O.K. It is not the pea who has been around for the last few days is it?


Emily: We are not saying but it is a possibility.


me: I want different porridge!


Emily: Beggars can't be choosers.


me: I am not a beggar, I am a pleader. Please not that porridge. I have paid my dues in that department. Liberate me and I will be very very good and will never complain again.


Emily: Do you promise?


me: No but I will at least be a tiny bit grateful for my freedom.


Emily: O.K. but you are going to be having some new pease coming up and that is all we are going to say about that.


me: Thanks Emily. I am liberated from my current potential pea, right?


Emily: Yes Darling, you just have a little bit more friendliness to muster up and then you may be excused.


me: He is the worker pea? Is that right?


Emily: Yes Darling, though there has been some debate over that. He might be the "not working very much pea."


me: Thank you. I love you!


Emily: We love you too SweetHeart.




This picture was drawn upside down.

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Taken on December 15, 2011