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it is only a matter of how you see beer! ;)

TOP 20 beer drinking countries

1 Czech Republic 156.9 Liters/Year/Person
2 Ireland 131.1 Liters/Year/Person
3 Germany 115.8 Liters/Year/Person
4 Australia 109.9 Liters/Year/Person ***
5 Austria 108.3 Liters/Year/Person
6 United Kingdom 99.0 Liters/Year/Person
7 Belgium 93.0 Liters/Year/Person
8 Denmark 89.9 Liters/Year/Person
9 Finland 85.0 Liters/Year/Person
10 Luxembourg 84.4 Liters/Year/Person
11 Slovakia 84.1 Liters/Year/Person
12 Spain 83.8 Liters/Year/Person
13 U.S.A. 81.6 Liters/Year/Person
14 Croatia 81.2 Liters/Year/Person
15 Netherlands 79.0 Liters/Year/Person
16 New Zealand 77.0 Liters/Year/Person
17 Hungary 75.3 Liters/Year/Person
18 Poland 69.1 Liters/Year/Person
19 Canada 68.3 Liters/Year/Person
20 Estonia 62.7 Liters/Year/Person
*** Note that Darwin, Australia, has the highest beer consumption of any city in the world at 230 Liters/Year/Person.

this is something i didn't know, from wikipedia:
a general approach is that lighter coloured beers, such as pale lagers, are usually enjoyed cold (40-45F/4-7C), while dark, strong beers such as Imperial Stouts are often enjoyed at cellar temperature (54-60F/12-16C) and then allowed to warm up in the room to individual taste.

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  1. Hourman ages ago | reply

    You'd have to finish about 5 of these to think this is sharp at the large size.

    -Voted "deleteme2" (by the Delete me! Group)

  2. FLEB ages ago | reply

    Inventive, well-executed, properly aligned... Maybe I'm soft because I just woke up, but,

    -Voted "saveme" (by the Delete me! Group)

  3. Marius Muscalu ages ago | reply

    I like it !

  4. willemmas ages ago | reply

    there are several things wrong with this shot: you took the time of taking it while you should have been busy drinking it.

    you probably drunk several before adding it to deleteme, the unsharpness and your neglect of this flaw, is a showoff drunk man's overestimation of their own skills.

    thirdly, I drank too much last night so the sight of another beer makes me wanna puke, again...

    Seen in DeleteMe! Welcome to Two Thousand and Hate (?)

    -Voted "deleteme3" (by the Delete me! Group)

  5. obtainable spiders [deleted] ages ago | reply

    i'd like my beer in a much more noisy atmosphere please.


  6. eljoergen ages ago | reply

    Different - which sure is good. But I'd prefere less noise and more bottom cake.


  7. wit ages ago | reply

    How can you trust information from a site that calls the United Kingdom one country? As anybody living in the United Kingdom will tell you it is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; each of which considers itself to be a separate country. For this and other poor focusing issues and the sin of using a light beer instead of a decent real ale

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  8. fragile mitten [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I'll bite - sure it's a little noisy but I don't think it is enough to distract from the photo. Different, cool...


  9. gdiazdeleon ages ago | reply

    I like Corona... decent white tequila chaser. But If you want to drink a decent beer try to avoid the pasteurized ones. The photo looks like a stock shitty image btw.

    -voted as "deleteme7" (from Deleteme! group)

  10. dr ama ages ago | reply

    cheers :)


  11. dangerous voice [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Beer, I take it.
    Too bad I hate it, I'm more of a vodka girl.

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  12. Jobbys ages ago | reply

    Small beers.

    -Voted "deleteme10" (by the Delete me! Group)

  13. |Andreea| ages ago | reply

    Tare-mi place, superb macro! e si fascinant, m-as uita minute-ntregi la bule, e relaxant (e-adevarat, am multe probleme pe cap in ultimele zile, asa ca un pic de luat pe aratura e de-nteles daca a ajuns sa ma relaxeze POZA unei beri!?!:)
    Dar textura e grozava, felicitari! pune-o si pe site-ul asta pls, lume insetata...! ciao!
    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Gold Project, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  14. afraid receipt [deleted] 114 months ago | reply


  15. davic 113 months ago | reply


  16. LiBrItEeN 111 months ago | reply

    So striking!

  17. titus13 (The Midnight Coyote) 109 months ago | reply

    I'm surprised to see Mexico did not make the list.
    I guess they're happy to top the chart when it comes to tequila.
    Victoria, which is my favorite Mexican beer, does not get exported, for some strange, unknown reason(s), since it is made by Modelo, who also brews the world famous Corona.
    One reviewer on this site says it is available in LA area, I've got to check when I get back home from Panamá:
    and Modelo's website:
    More Mexican beers in pictures and words:

  18. ~Staci Lee~ 107 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Tipsy Tuesday, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Mmmmm... New Castle is my favorite.

  19. marianna armata 86 months ago | reply

    I love the blend from gold to white here. Beautiful shot!

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