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    Somewhere along the line the phrase "sleep like a baby" came to mean that one had gotten a great nights sleep. When you were a guest at someone's house they would inevitably ask you in the morning "How did you sleep?" "Oh great, I slept like a baby," is the ready made answer. This does not make a bit of sense. Truly "sleeping like a baby" means that you wake up every three hours crying because you are hungry and you have pooped in your diaper. I hope I never "sleep like a baby" again.

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    1. bitzcelt 94 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone for the kind words.

      a kind merciful God has given her her mother's looks and not mine.


      Three kids, yikes! Two is about to kill me. For a brief moment this week my wife thought she may be pregnant again. Suicide did cross my mind at the thought of having two children 11 months apart.


      The prospect of winding up in diapers again before this is all over is not very appealing. If it happens then I hope for a pretty nurse, I hear the sponge baths are nice.


      I am a cynical old man, no doubt.

    2. sparquay 94 months ago | reply

      I love the caption! Great composition and lighting. Very peaceful... even though these moments probably don't last very long.

      Discovered using FlickrFox. (?)

    3. Deleted01 [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

    4. GuhlMustafa 94 months ago | reply

      LOL awesome observation there. This is a great close up shot, very well composed and organic, well downright fleshy...

      Very nice lighting too. Congrats POP!

      Good one!

    5. TamnLu Productions 94 months ago | reply

      I always thought the expression came from the few moments they do embrace sleep. By the looks of the angelic baby the sleep is pure and blissful. Hopefully, your time of diapers and crying is well off into the future!

    6. kolesnikk 94 months ago | reply

      Dieses Photo ist sehr ausdruksfoll mit Gefuhl.Scvhade das ich auf englisch nicht schreiben kann.

    7. sidkid 94 months ago | reply

      Perhaps the image can be titled 2007: A Sleepless Odyssey. ;-)

    8. 94 months ago | reply

      Lovely shot. Congrats on the new babbie!!

    9. allr1 93 months ago | reply

      Completely captivating.Beautiful and full of love.
      I say, Bring on the baby pictures, Everyone loves
      to see babies.

    10. artesles 93 months ago | reply

      What a nice moment you have captured here!

    11. Enchanter of Camelot 91 months ago | reply

      Please add your photo to our group, O Sleep and feel free to join us unless you’ve already done so. Remember to tag your photos OSleep.

    12. Canine Love / Irina 86 months ago | reply

      this is adorable, perfect photo

    13. vitaman 85 months ago | reply

      This is a great photo! I have the perfect blog post to accompany it. I will forward our readers to this page. (Attribution and link to your photo is listed at the bottom of the post.) Check out your pic in action: Have a great day!

    14. Je Répondrai 80 months ago | reply

      Marvelous image.

    15. 1bluecanoe 77 months ago | reply

      those sweet this composition...all sweet baby! I wish I had been shooting more then....

    16. whologwhy 71 months ago | reply

      This is a very nice photo. Can I ask your permission to use your photo in one of my projects?

    17. bitzcelt 22 months ago | reply

      Sleep II

      a few years later

    18. hoyoucoms 16 months ago | reply

      Hello, We would like to use this photo for an article preventing gastroenteritis which is a disease like food poisoning for a baby. Your baby seems so peaceful and quite. Our goal is to protect this lovely baby.

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