Ball of Light - Remembering Why

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    I am preparing for an exhibition that is coming up next week. The exhibition is part of a conference here in Adelaide that is being attended by over 600 doctors. The theme of the conference is pain and stress management. They have asked a selection of artists that relate to this theme to exhibit which is amazing, and certainly humbling.

    It has made me think a lot about my photography and how, and why it all came about.

    I know many of you are aware of my "story", but those who don't, maybe check out the Ball of Light documentary ,

    The image above stirs up a huge amount of emotion for me. It was at a time when I was coming to grips with who I really was, and learning how massive the hole was I was crawling out of. I made this visit to the Flinders Ranges in October of 2009. I was only just getting into my photography, and didnt even own a remote, so this is a 30 second exposure.

    This place was in the middle of nowhere. And it was incredible to be in such a vast place. I remember feeling so incredibly free, so incredibly fresh and clear in the head. I visit this place most times I am in the Flinders, it reminds of where I have come from, and more importantly it reminds me how important it is for me to stay healthy in my mind.

    Photography has become such a big part of my life. I would have absolutely pissed myself laughing if you had suggested 2 years later I would be travelling the world and exhibiting at a mental health conference because of my photography. But I feel incredibly proud to be doing so.

    I encourage everyone to try and maintain a healthy balance of pressure and relaxation in life. I failed for nearly 40 years of my life to do that, and it almost killed me. I will never go back to that. Not for anything, or anyone. But it is a battle I deal with every other day.

    Oh, and those newbies checking out his image, remember that we all started somewhere. Creating good images comes with practice and perseverance. I am still learning every time I open the shutter, and spin an Orb.

    The Ball of Light is my good friend, and keeps me sane!

    Peace to you all.

    Stay safe in body and mind, please.


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    1. Allan England ~ Photography 35 months ago | reply

      Denis you are a massive inspiration fella! I too and battling depression and have been on one hell of a journey since 2009, like you I've taken to photography during this period! I am so awe struck by your vidoe and have so much for you sharing the video! fantastic and good luck with the Doc's! Cheers Allan!

    2. Ningaloo. 35 months ago | reply

      Den, any chance of getting me a couple of tickets for this event?... One for the conference, and one for the flight over? Hahahaha.

      It's good to see so many inspired by your words as well as the pictures.

    3. ~ jules ~ 35 months ago | reply

      Good one Denis.... What a great thing to be asked to do. Congrats that your story is reaching a lot of people, if it helps just one person to set themselves on a new path then its worth all the time and effort it takes to share a put out there. Well done buddy.

    4. Mike Ridley. 35 months ago | reply

      Well done Denis, your a true inspiration to all of us..

      Peace be with you too mate :-D

    5. Padmacara 35 months ago | reply

      It's always inspiring to read your posts, Denis. Thank you and the BoL for being in our lives.

    6. Gareth Brooks 35 months ago | reply

      Nice one Dennis, nice story as well. I find photography, especially light painting helps me de-stress.

    7. Pikebubbles 35 months ago | reply

      Nice one Denis - you should be incredibly proud of yourself. The path you are now on seems to suit you down to the ground mate which is such a great thing to see. Keep up the fantastic work man.

    8. jgroepper 35 months ago | reply

      Congrats Denis your story is inspiring and the doctors are lucky to have you presenting.

    9. biskitboy 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the beautiful words. I so love the escape my work gives me. And it never ceases to amaze me, and keep me warm being part of this fun and friendly community. Peace to you all.

    10. Luís Henrique Boucault 35 months ago | reply

      Very nice shot! Well done!

    11. Nigel Scully 35 months ago | reply

      i love orb photos, great shot..

    12. Hannu Huhtamo 35 months ago | reply

      Wonderful location, really nice.

    13. Stoff74 35 months ago | reply

      Well done! Must be very rewarding and your story touches a lot of people! Stay healthy! :)

    14. Really Helen,very very busy 34 months ago | reply

      I'm so inspired by the amazing beauty of your work. I'll be trying orbs real soon. Can't wait!

    15. H.A.M.S 34 months ago | reply

      A m a z i n g !

    16. Sophie Carr Photography 34 months ago | reply

      Just seen your work and watched the video - an incredible story and amazing work. Congratulations on finding something that gives joy and others so much joy!

    17. me-graphy 34 months ago | reply

      magnificent work :)

    18. sixty8panther 34 months ago | reply

      Wow, I just watched the documentary.
      So you INVENTED this method?
      Amazing. Congrats, esp. on the wife
      and daughter & new life. =)

      Script - My Signature (last name)

    19. biskitboy 34 months ago | reply

      Thanks man. I certainly didn't invent the orb. There were many light painting pioneers before me creating magic. Thanks

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