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Ball of Light - Remembering Why | by biskitboy
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Ball of Light - Remembering Why

I am preparing for an exhibition that is coming up next week. The exhibition is part of a conference here in Adelaide that is being attended by over 600 doctors. The theme of the conference is pain and stress management. They have asked a selection of artists that relate to this theme to exhibit which is amazing, and certainly humbling.


It has made me think a lot about my photography and how, and why it all came about.


I know many of you are aware of my "story", but those who don't, maybe check out the Ball of Light documentary ,


The image above stirs up a huge amount of emotion for me. It was at a time when I was coming to grips with who I really was, and learning how massive the hole was I was crawling out of. I made this visit to the Flinders Ranges in October of 2009. I was only just getting into my photography, and didnt even own a remote, so this is a 30 second exposure.


This place was in the middle of nowhere. And it was incredible to be in such a vast place. I remember feeling so incredibly free, so incredibly fresh and clear in the head. I visit this place most times I am in the Flinders, it reminds of where I have come from, and more importantly it reminds me how important it is for me to stay healthy in my mind.


Photography has become such a big part of my life. I would have absolutely pissed myself laughing if you had suggested 2 years later I would be travelling the world and exhibiting at a mental health conference because of my photography. But I feel incredibly proud to be doing so.


I encourage everyone to try and maintain a healthy balance of pressure and relaxation in life. I failed for nearly 40 years of my life to do that, and it almost killed me. I will never go back to that. Not for anything, or anyone. But it is a battle I deal with every other day.


Oh, and those newbies checking out his image, remember that we all started somewhere. Creating good images comes with practice and perseverance. I am still learning every time I open the shutter, and spin an Orb.


The Ball of Light is my good friend, and keeps me sane!


Peace to you all.


Stay safe in body and mind, please.



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Taken in October 2009