Ball of Light - Moving With Time

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    The rock you see here is in the Brachina Gorge in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. It is renowned as some of the oldest exposed rock on the planet. The astonishingly clear layers (images to come) belong to the Ediacaran period ( which is around 600+ Million Years ago. At that stage Australia, India and Africa were all joined! Think about that!

    I spent two full days in the gorge, looking, touching and feeling the ancient rock and stone. It almost hurt trying to comprehend just how long ago 600 million years is. There were only soft spongy living cells on the planet. The thought of intelligent life was so incredibly far in the future.

    I sat in the small cave you see here for some time imagining the infinitesimally small amount of time human beings have been here in comparison. And what a tiny dot we are in this picture. I felt somehow tiny, like the ants walking around me. I left the valley with an incredible sense of humility and realisation, once again, that the earth is and will always be so much more powerful than we. And that indifference will allow it to recover, grow and simply be for another 600 million years, when we are long gone.

    Funnily enough the Ball of Light didn't hang around much n this trip. But the few shots I did get mean a lot to me. They remind me of the incredible feelings I felt whilst there.

    Peace. Be strong.


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    1. ~ jules ~ 37 months ago | reply

      Quality Denis.... Its been a while, and this is a real nice way to be back at it!!

    2. jscook55 37 months ago | reply

      Wow, that's quite nice! So, noob question, how did you actually make the ball of light?

    3. Grifos 37 months ago | reply

      Absolutely incredible. Nice one.

    4. Just Used Pixels 37 months ago | reply

      Great job on this. The ball is so even and symmetrical.

    5. Dan Brind 37 months ago | reply

      Awesome spot,Orb and detail Great shot nice work.

    6. FilmFan9 37 months ago | reply

      Sin título por deep dreams

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful image
      Seen in *SHARING ART*
      Sweeper Active Post 1 & Comment 3 Mandatory

    7. Kev.s 37 months ago | reply

      Great location and colour choice a really well thought out shot.

    8. KvonK 37 months ago | reply

      I am in awe Denis...once again!

    9. Pifou 2010 - 37 months ago | reply

      Sin título por deep dreams

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful image
      Seen in *SHARING ART*
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    10. torsten hansen (berlin) 37 months ago | reply

      brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - have a wonderful sunday!!!! greetings from berlin! torsten

    11. [ iany trisuzzi ] 37 months ago | reply

      fantastic location to do a light painting! the colors looks really great :)

    12. Helen Vercoe 37 months ago | reply

      Brings back memories of camping trips as a kid - love it! Glad the Ball got to see it :)

    13. K. Tsaklidis 37 months ago | reply

      One of the most impressive images I ever seen .Thank you for this unique experience .

    14. Dcruzphotography 37 months ago | reply

      you killed it with this one

    15. Tom Tallant 37 months ago | reply

      Nice. Love the photo.

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