Birmingham Revolutions: Power to the People
This display explores Birmingham’s vibrant and varied history of protest and activism, and the role the city has played in some of the most important campaigns and movements in British history.

From the Priestley Riots of 1791 all the way through to the LGBTQ+ campaigns of today, ‘Birmingham Revolutions – Power to the People’ is a chance to discover the different voices and ideas that have contributed to the fight for a better Birmingham.

Campaigns include voting reform, nuclear disarmament, trade unionism, anti-racism and human rights. Art, music, literature, clothing and objects are used in each section of the gallery showing the long history of gatherings, riots, strikes and campaigns that have occurred in the city.

‘Birmingham Revolutions’ aims to show the different ways in which a person can protest and campaign, and what we can learn from past protests.

We recognise that there are many different events and campaigns which are not represented in our collection and therefore do not feature in this display.
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