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No, You're Number 1, M5!

Shatner in what I assume to be a blooper moment from the filming of The Ultimate Computer. Looking on are De Kelley, and William Marshall, who played Dr. Richard Daystrom in a story that exploited the 1960s fear of what a few mighty computers might one day do and control in society (and now they do, but on a much more widespread and insidious basis than we feared at the time). Speaking of exploitation, the late William Marshall had relatively minor acting roles until the 1970s when he received his big break playing Blacula!


For a production shot from the same episode, see a clapperboard of the M5 computer preparing to tap into the Enterprise's power (and also see how tall Marshall is compared to the others, he was 6'5" tall according to one viewer of this photostream):




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Taken on January 23, 2012