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Talos IV, Unused Optical Composite for Enterprise Briefing

One of several optically composited images produced (I have seen five variants) to illustrate the surface of Talos IV on the Enterprise briefing room computer screen after Pike has been taken by the Talosians. From The Cage. This shot has the same land features as the one ultimately used in the show, but superimposes the Pleiades star system in the sky and a third component that looks to be clouds. This shot of the Pleiades was used in The Cage and was actually on the viewscreen on the bridge before the diagram appeared of the Talos planetary sytem on Spock's viewscreen. (the stars, not the land features)


The Pleiades is M45 for all you astronomy fans and continues to be a rich source of new information about stellar evolution and the universe, and was recognized as the same during the time that Star Trek TOS was made. It was even mentioned by Homer (the Greek author, not Simpson) as a special sky object in 800 BC.

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Taken on June 13, 2013