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Last Seconds of the USS Constellation

With other recent uploads of the Constellation and Doomsday Machine I was reminded of this one more. An external rear view of the Constellation during the climax of the TOS episde The Doomsday Machine, this shot shows the rear view of the damaged model and the optical insert for the Doomsday Machine. .


I am always entertained by seeing that the professionals involved in production could not get the nacelles on their AMT kit straight just as I could not when I was building the thing as a kid was a problem I always had which sent most completed Enterprises to the torch to become Constellations!


As a production aside, the Doomsday Machine center was an optical composite layered over the color lit object (which Norman Spinrad has said was made from a plastered wind sock). The outline of the optical center is visible in parts of this shot, most easily above the damaged starboard nacelle (there is a black border between the hard prop and the opitical insert). No production shots of the actual doomsday machine hard prop have emerged to my knowledge....I would love to see some if they are out there!

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Taken on July 11, 2009