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    Quite disappointed with flickr for the last year or so, this is the last photo I am uploading. I am leaving for 23
    As of today, I'll be uploading my photos at http://www.23hq.com/claudecf
    My flickr photos will be online till July and then only the last 300 will surface. Such will be their fate once I stop paying for my pro account.
    Why go? I feel that flickr has become too commercial, too impersonal, with probably too many accounts and too much Yahoo!
    My most recent disappointment is here but there have been others, like my pet peeve here
    23 is far from being perfect, but unlike here, the devs are still listening to their users.

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    1. Monceau 53 months ago | reply

      I'll just have to visit you at www.23hq.com, as well as in Paris. And I'll be interested to hear how the new site works for you. A bientot!

    2. Brenda Anderson 53 months ago | reply

      It saddens me to see my very long term contacts leaving Flickr (although nothing lasts forever!) ... but I'll be keeping up with you at 23, that's for sure!

    3. Timothy Valentine 53 months ago | reply

      I too will miss seeing you - best of luck @23.

    4. Claudecf 53 months ago | reply

      And I'll visit you guys for sure!

    5. cer!se 53 months ago | reply

      Bye Claude!

    6. Alooy - ((Geeky number7)) [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      u probably don't know me or i haven't commented on any of your photos/videos but i do LOVE you ^.^
      and it's such a loss :'(
      good luck .. and i will miss you .

    7. Claudecf 53 months ago | reply

      I won't be all that far
      You can still visit me at http://www.23hq.com/claudecf

    8. Bahi P 53 months ago | reply

      That's a real shame. I too haven't commented much but have always enjoyed your stuff, particularly recently. Will be sad to see you go.

    9. Rantz 53 months ago | reply

      I will miss you here and will find you there.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    10. Claudecf 53 months ago | reply

      I'm still posting photos at http://23hq.com/claudecf ;)
      23 is definitely a place for you! ;)

    11. Rantz 53 months ago | reply

      Claudecf wrote

      23 is definitely a place for you! ;)

      mmmhmmm - I've joined - thanks for the pointer.

    12. Claudecf 53 months ago | reply

      I've even found you and will know if/when you post photos ;)

    13. MyEyeSees 50 months ago | reply

      Gosh, and with your talent and all your photos here... so sorry to see you go.

    14. cobalt123 49 months ago | reply

      Oh darn! I will miss you so much on flickr! Hope to see you still on plurk but I will now check out 23...

    15. eagle1effi 47 months ago | reply

      like Brenda said.

    16. Leo Reynolds 41 months ago | reply

      Welcome back. You've managed without flickr for nearly a year

    17. Claudecf 41 months ago | reply

      I haven't paid fro a pro account, and still don't know if I will...
      And I have so many photos on my hard disk that it's rather discouraging

    18. Claudecf 41 months ago | reply

      flickr allowing me to upload 51 photos for free, I am not ready to join again. I am finished for the month

    19. mag3737 41 months ago | reply

      gosh, 51? that's almost inconceivably small!

    20. Leo Reynolds 41 months ago | reply

      From the flickr FAQ:
      When you have a free Flickr account, you can upload 2 videos and 300MB worth of photos each calendar month.

      I guess that's why free account users resize their photos.

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