Word Time - Week 1

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For some reason, I thought that videos were supposed to last no more than 45 seconds.
My mac uploader choked on it several times. I finally gave up and uploaded it through the Upload page

Uploaded for the Word Time group
Week 1 list

New Zealand

Blogged at Flickr Blog

Thanks to Leo Reynolds who introduced me to Word Time
Also blogged at Blogging in Paris

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  1. Claudecf 84 months ago | reply

    G.I. Folk, glad to be in Word Time. Still have to do week 2!

  2. Brenda Anderson 84 months ago | reply

    This looks like a fun group! (got here from the Flickr Blog)

  3. LavenderLou 84 months ago | reply

    dearest claude,
    you are very beautiful and have a wonderful voice!
    peace to you -

  4. Claudecf 84 months ago | reply

    @ Brenda, it is a fun group! You should join!
    @ lavenderlou. Peace to you and thank you!

  5. ***anahita 84 months ago | reply

    j'adore Bravo.

  6. Bince 84 months ago | reply

    Such a lovely accent. Thank you for mentioning where you're from--having that insight makes this even more fascinating.

  7. carf 84 months ago | reply

    Nice to meet you on the Flickr Blog. I think you will soon be well-known with that delightful and sympathetic French accent.

  8. Claudecf 84 months ago | reply

    Word Time is definitely a fun group! Thanks everyone.

    Seen in your flickr videos set. (?)

  9. aka Razz 84 months ago | reply

    Aluminum, Claudecf?
    Don't you mean 'aluminium'?
    We're not all Americanis(z)ed, yet.
    At least not on this side of The Channel - pardon, La Manche.
    Long live the Entente Cordiale.

  10. l'insouciant1 84 months ago | reply

    C'est trop bon! Je vais m'inscrire!

  11. Aunt Owwee 84 months ago | reply

    Perfect seeing you on the flickr blog!!!

  12. bonsaibutterfly [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

    Neat. I have a Subaru. :)

  13. Sanhodo 84 months ago | reply

    Loved your excellent pronunciation; fyi: I believe subaru is the Japanese word for what we call the Pleiades, also called The Seven Sisters. There may be 7 stars on the Subaru logo. Yes?

  14. Claudecf 84 months ago | reply

    @ Sanhodo, I guess you're right. A search for Subaru logo on flickr yieded this

    Subaru Six Stars (by istargazer)

  15. Mamouchi 82 months ago | reply

    C'est plus animé par conséquent plus vivant.

  16. Septentria 76 months ago | reply

    I don't find you have a French accent, Claude ! Mine is much worser, I can assure you ... ;-)

  17. Claudecf 76 months ago | reply

    Septentria It may not be very strong but it's there!

  18. {zara} 73 months ago | reply

    i love your accent :)

  19. Monika Gete 70 months ago | reply

    J'adore! Your english is pretty good!

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