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Johan Boswinkel

by Sandra Levarek

“Biontology combines the words Bio and Ontology”

by Johan Boswinkel


- Bio stands for life and refers to us, the people in a living environment. Ontology was described by the famous Philosopher Heidegger as; “the being of any relationship towards existence.”

For a long time I have been looking for a name that includes everything that my instruments stand for. Although they work through biophotons, the Biontologists do much more than just treat people with biophotons. The name therapy or treatment is an understatement of what Biontologists bring to the people of this world. In the Biontology training only a certain amount of time is spent on biophotons and the Chiren or StarLight instrument. What we focus on is “gnosis” and the way of obtaining this intrinsic knowledge. Only through extensive research of the ultimate reality of nature, will it be possible to obtain the quality that is needed to really understand and help people to understand and help them selves.

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Taken on October 26, 2012