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oral carcinoma / mouth cancer, staging: T4N2M0 | by bionerd23 ☢
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oral carcinoma / mouth cancer, staging: T4N2M0

massive, fast-growing tumor (squamous cell carcinoma) of the floor of mouth, infiltrating the mandibula. anterior teeth roots have died off as the tumor extends into the mandibula; especially 3-1 and 4-1 are being pushed upwards by the tumor. tumor tissue has partly become necrotic; a large, purulent hole that extends into the mandibula bone has formed.


patient is undergoing mandibulectomy as i type this; the lower jaw will be removed, at least extending to the 4-5 and 3-5 teeth. a bone transplant will be formed as replacement; further on, a radical neck dissection will be carried out to remove metastatic lymph nodes. patient will have to receive a gastric tube and tracheotomy in order to feed / breathe post-surgery. estimated duration of surgery is 12-15 hours.


even though currently no other organs seem to be involved, 5-year-survival chance is less than 50%.


if you want to prevent this from happening to YOU, stop smoking / consuming tobacco. tobacco kills - and not only the eldery. this patient is 40 years of age.


click here for the tumor's appearance 12 days ago.



14th november 2009: patient made it out of the surgery alive and... comparably well. the surgery took 14 hours.

at +2 days, the patient has to breathe through a tracheotomy still. a lot of blood and mucus is forming in his mouth, which the patient can hardly swallow due to the swelling... so he basically feels constantly sick and gags despite being given anti-emetic medication. he cannot speak or get out of bed, either. further on, the cough he has is causing a quite a bit of pain in the tracheotomy site.


outcome of the surgery is still unknown, but so far, the transplanted artery seems to supply the bone transplant with blood. nobody knows how well the ability to speak can be restored. metastasis was not too advanced, so the patient still has good chances for being cured, but even at the best outcome, five uncertain years full of fear and regular checkups / CT scans at the hospital will follow.


clinical images will follow when possible with a reasonable outcome; so far, the patient cannot open his mouth more than a quater of an inch.

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Taken on November 11, 2009