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Help us tag our images for the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)! By adding machine tags of the scientific names associated with the organisms in our images, you can help us contribute these images to EOL species pages. Create a binomial tag with the genus and species name like this:

"taxonomy:binomial=Genus species"
"taxonomy:binomial=Salmo salar"

You MUST put quotes around the binomial machine tag. You can also place quotes around the binomial only: taxonomy:binomial="Salmo salar"

Please try to verify the scientific name by 1) searching for the name in EOL and/or 2) consulting World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) or Marine Species Identification Portal or FishBase

If you cannot verify the binomial, you may tag at a higher taxonomic level, for example:

For more information, please see EOL's guidelines for tagging BHL images.

Abbildungen und Beschreibungen der Fische Syriens

Abbildungen und...

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Shadows in the sea

Shadows in the sea

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