Showing his hands mutilated by lepra he said: "Sir, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

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    Naturally I understood what he meaning and gave him a good bakschisch.
    Because I know he is very poor and has to sleep outside with the dogs on the ground beside a temple in Patan.
    And it's getting very cold in wintertime in the Valley of Kathmandu.
    But unfortunately there are many rich tourists who always have an excuse for giving nothing.
    I was together there with my distant relative Stan Mc Gregor from Scotland.
    Actually Stan was a fine guy but unbelievable closefisted.
    He didn't give anything to this poor old sick beggar, not a single Rupee.
    I asked him: "Why you give this poor leper nothing, not even a single Paise ?"
    Stan answered: "Because I have to support my poor sister."
    But I did know that Stan never had given anything to his sister, not a single Pence.
    I told him this.
    Do you know what Stan answered me without batting an eye ?
    He said: "When I don't give anything to my own sister why then I should give something to somebody totally unknown to me ?!"
    I was completely perplexed by this excuse and didn't know whether I should cry or laugh.

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    1. michaelhaas75 93 months ago | reply

      I should not call your relative an asshole, right?
      Some people hate to give for many (mostly bad) reasons.
      It is an interesting story you told about the old guy and your relative. And it is a fine picture.

      Take care of you Michael Bist du noch in Ägypten?

    2. The World Face Project 93 months ago | reply

      Please consider granting permission to use your work as reference material for an oil painting. You will be acknowledged as a contributor to The World Face Project.
      We respect you as a visual artist and we respect your copyright. We seek your friendship and your permission.

    3. LindsayStark 93 months ago | reply

      Such a beautiful and heart-wrenching image. Just love it.

    4. LindsayStark 93 months ago | reply

      This is Perfect!

      The Perfect Photographer

      This photo has been selected for The Perfect Photographer Award
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      And tag the photo with "The Perfect Photographer"

    5. Worldworx 92 months ago | reply

      A beautiful, natural portrait. Thank you for bringing such honesty to the Flickr table.

    6. 7seconds Admin [deleted] 92 months ago | reply


    7. ale neri 92 months ago | reply

      this is arrived to my heart

    8. Jean-Luc Weber [deleted] 92 months ago | reply


    9. goddingcat 91 months ago | reply

      You are so incredibly talented. Still so amazed!

    10. Jessica Rabbit's Flickr 91 months ago | reply

      A brilliant portrait for the face is ruddy and lined and tells a story on its own; his hands are painful to see and imagine the story of his life behind them. I want to reach out and change this person's life your photo is so good. I feel like i standing in front of him.

      It's hard to know what to say about your story - indeed laugh or cry? I'm surprised, given time to think and answer you, that Stan didn't change his mind and give even a rupee. Perhaps he gives in other ways at home and abroad. Voluntary work and general sponsorship of projects for instance.

      And of course, some people just don't give anything and that is how they are.

    11. io747 90 months ago | reply

      wonderful portrait and touching story my friend!You have been invited to add this image to Ultimate Shots!
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      Please add the tag "UltimateShot"

    12. fredcan 89 months ago | reply

      I'm a bit late for the New year's greetings! This is a powerful shot (and it'l like being taken in Dasaswamedh, on the way down to ghats, in an instant) and a sad, yet common story.

      Hope you're doing good, my friend!

    13. Daniel Cumisky 87 months ago | reply

      fantastic and moving shot and nice story to go with it

    14. Porfolio Exposition 84 months ago | reply

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    15. tyeve 84 months ago | reply

      I have seen this beautiful b&w shot in

      ***Favorite Black & White

    16. 7seconds Admin [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

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    17. ElenaGavro 78 months ago | reply

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    18. Vince Neuwirth :-) Very Busy 73 months ago | reply

      Yes ! We do have $ money $ for pointless War. For Bankers Mafia, but not for the People.

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