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I'd put stars at your feet, put Mars in your head

Aluminium plate cleaned with a paste made of mixture of chalk powder and a few drops of ammonia.

Plate painted with a coating of black enamel paint and left to dry overnight.

Plate coated with a layer of subbing gelatine in order to try to sort out the fixing problem with the last plates. Plate meant to be left overnight before coating with a layer of emulsion, however due to enlarger needing slight repair was actually left for 4days before coating and the gelatine appeared to going slighly mouldy.

Plate coated with emulsion, lesson learned this time was that even if you have the emulsion in a waterbath to keep it liquid, if you're covering a lot of different things then the water in the bath will cool, meaning it goes lumpy and won't go on properly, next time a thermos of hot water is coming in my lovely cupboard with me....

Plate placed in drawer to dry overnight.

Plate exposed under enlarger for 12 seconds

plate developed in Ilford warm developer for 2 minutes

Plate put in photospeed stop bath for one minute

Plate put in photospeed fix for about 30 seconds before it started dissolving and quickly hoiked out...

Plate washed in cold water and left to dry.

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Taken on February 11, 2008