Broken computer monitor found in the woods

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    1. narva3 110 months ago | reply

      guess they got a new laptop huh...

    2. axb500 97 months ago | reply

      Would you mind joining my group and adding this photo?


    3. Ioan Sameli 96 months ago | reply

      Yuck, how can people jsut throw their waste in the woods ? :s

    4. binarydreams 96 months ago | reply

      If you think that's bad, take a look at this.

    5. *oliverio 95 months ago | reply

      i think we will see a lot of them in the fores the sooner or later if we do not find a new way of using them - when they are expired.

    6. HeyGabe 78 months ago | reply

      I used your photo on my blog. Thanks for using Creative Commons!

    7. ikerodah2007 23 months ago | reply

      By throwing the computer in the woods,you just added more radiation to our planet.This is definitely a health risk.

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