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Revealing the Unreliable  flickr map & (un)relative search results about Macedonia | by bilwander
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Revealing the Unreliable flickr map & (un)relative search results about Macedonia

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JUL 2013 : On Help Forum With No Respond


Ancient Macedonia . Macedonia #Μacedonia



The complex cases of placing a photo from mt Olympus Macedonia(Greece) on Greece's flickr map


"based on the zoom level of the map, we'll save this photo as : "


From the 61 locations appearing in the flip-down choices, 52 are totally irrelevant with the map zoomed region of Macedonia (as they are locations in Albania, FYROM and Bulgaria) while only 9 locations are from Greece. Note that flickr-map-tool apart from failing to recognize the right place of the photo-drop-point on the certain zoomed map, even in the search for "olympos" is neither helpful although it refers to 3 regions of Greece but not to the 4th and most important, i.e Macedonia ...


Note also that if "Olymp_U_s" is typed down instead of "Olymp_O_s", flickr-map-searcher will not result in any location of Greece altogether, but in irrelevant places from around the globe...


Moreover, map-searching for "macedonia", results in about 60 locations all of them being modern places in USA, except of one in Brasil and the other one being FYROM (on top...), while there is no result at all from any location in Greece although almost the entire region of historical Macedonia lies within the Greek borders and it is the place after which all the rest much later geographical areas and modern locations outside Greece, have been named. .


In fact Macedonia(Greece) appears only sporadically in flickr search results and only if one could guess the peculiarity of flickr-searcher's defaults and type down "ma_K_edonia" instead of "ma_C_edonia" as far as the later spelling is by default linked with all the other irrelevant locations except the original in Greece.... To be also noted, Macedonia apart from the largest and second most populous region in Greece, is also by far the biggest by area and population size from all the rest modern locations dubbed as "macedonias" as late as in the 20th century and with FYROM still claiming to be the latest "Macedonia" yet not recognized as such by UN and all the international oragnizations as EU, NATO, UEFA, FIFA, FIBA, the Olympic Committee etc etc


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Taken on July 30, 2013