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Hinsdale Haunted House

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In the 1970's a new family moved into what they believed to be the perfect home. Immediately the strange happenings began. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fletcher and their four children moved into this 100 year old house that at one time had been a roadside inn. In the home there was a supernatural terror that had the family scared for their lives. They turned to exorcism and Fr. Alphonsus Trabold for help. He believed that the Fletcher home was possessed by a supernatural entity.

Mrs. Fletcher and the children first noticed a mysterious chanting sound when hiking in the hills near their home, which disappeared 3 weeks later. The phone would ring with no one on the other line, the family heard pounding noises, and money and other things would be displaced or completely disappear. Lights went on and off by themselves, the kitchen stove would turn on and off while cooking dinner, windows opened mysteriously and water faucets would turn on and off by themselves. One of the children heard dragging noises in the attic, only to have Mr. Fletcher check it out and find the chimney dismantled.

The family also witnessed things moving by themselves. The Fletchers, along with their friends, also began seeing apparitions, mostly of women dressed in long gowns, both inside and outside the house. Once the family saw several faces looking at them through the window, and when they went outside to check it out, the same faces were looking back at them from inside while the lights flickered on and off. They also witnessed other apparitions of strange animal-like creatures that were not of a known species. According to Fr. Alphonsus, apparitions can be caused by hallucinations or by a psychic force. "If the person is of a stable mind and the apparition is witnessed by others, you can eliminate the possibility of hallucinations," he said.

As the strange happenings progressed, the apparitions began leaving physical evidence behind. There would be indentations on chairs and beds when no one had sat on them, and the animal-like apparition jumped into the daughter's lap. Two family friends caught an apparition, that was in the process of disappearing, walking outside the house on film. Fr. Trabold and other priests thought it looked like the figure of a tormented American Indian.

After that, the haunting grew violent and the family began fearing for their lives. There was a large family photograph hanging in a room, and once the family found a letter opener suspended over the picture, pointing at one of the girls. It fell to the ground as the family tried to approach it. Another time, a lamp flew across the room at another one of the girls. The Fletchers cleaned up the glass and locked the door to the room, and when they returned sometime later, they found the ace of spades lying in the middle of the floor. Two of the children woke up one morning with strange burn marks all over their bodies.

A few days later, the grandmother heard the Fletchers' son Randy's car in the driveway. She looked out the window and saw Randy and a blonde haired woman drive up to the house and then drive away. Later on that day, the grandmother found out that Randy's car had been in the garage all day and was not in operable condition. A couple days after that, Randy was involved in a near fatal car accident when apparently his car went out of control and hit a tree. While he was semi-conscious in the hospital, he kept asking about the blonde woman, but she was never found. However, there was evidence of a passenger because the dashboard contained the indentation of a human head. A mechanic could not explain the nature of the car's malfunction. Randy has complete amnesia about the accident.

Fr. Trabold performed an exorcism on the house, with family members, researchers, and a film crew present. During the filming of the exorcism, the lights kept flickering. The house was calm for a few weeks after, but after the effects of prayer wore off, the strange occurrences began happening again, and the family eventually moved out.

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Taken on August 4, 2012