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IT'S NOT A NIGHTMARE ... | by mrbill78636
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... but it is a very stressful dream, filled with tension and frustration and it is serial in nature, in other words a recurring dream.


I have several of those. The most traumatic of my dreams hasn't happened in a long time, but it was the most intense and even after I woke up, I was still tense and afraid I'd remember and it would be true. My dream was that I had committed a murder and I was just about to be discovered and there seemed there was no action I could take to save myself or redeem my self in any way.


Another less stressful but tense dream is I'm somehow caught in public completely naked. That one I've never figured out either.


I think the one I've got a handle on is the dream I have of forgetting where I parked my car.and needing to get home, which is usually in another town about eighteen miles south of the university. I've always parked it in one of the big lots, and my dream is so detailed that I do know I have a faculty/staff permit, so wherever I am, I'm legal and won't be towed. It's very frustrating because I have to try and get friends and coworkers to help me search for it.


The meaning of this one has come to me over time and I think the car is a symbol of freedom of movement. In fact, the whole history of the car has been one of a gradual massive freedom of movement for all the people who have become dependent on mobility. So, if the car is a symbol for freedom of movement and I've lost my freedom of movement, maybe projecting the car as being my age identity and I'm expressing the frustration for being limited in physical movement, mental movement and even public transit movement. I know I have to give up driving altogether this year for sure and I gave up travel a long time ago.


The thing is I accept all these things and in the dreams it is only frustration, just as it is in my aspect of aging. It's no big deal, but it is a pain in the ass


One of the most unique stress dream series I've had was being on duty, getting into a situation where I really needed to fire my handgun and having it malfunction on me. I'm terribly embarrassed and have to talk my way out of the situation. Somebody explain that one to me.

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Taken on April 10, 2010