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THE PAGE TURNER ... | by mrbill78636
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... Is there a page turner in your life? Are you doing something that is even now creating a page turner in your life? Death is not the only destruction. The page turner has ways of making your life miserable, in some cases miserable to the point of death.


Sometimes a reward, or if you will, an AWARD is simply a very important warning.


If you haven't seen the movie, The Page Turner, you owe it to yourself to see it. You may be plagued with a page turner and not even know it.


It's in French with English subtitles, but information is so vital, the story so intense, you won't even notice the communication method.


I am so glad I watched The Page Turner, I'll be on constant lookout for page turners in the future. Remember, you owe yourself.


If you're a husband, it's possible your wife could be the page turner; if you're a business owner, it's possible your secretary could be the page turner. Mothers, your children can be page turners.


You've heard that old expression, "What goes around comes around.?" Maybe not, but this is the scenario of The Page Turner.


A young girl spends a great deal of her childhood studying piano and must pass a recital to be permitted to continue to study. Naturally she is very nervous and when the time comes for the recital she is extremely pleased that half way through, her performance has been pure perfection, and then there is an interruption.


A secretary comes into the recital room and gives one of the judges, a lady who is a concert pianist a receipt of some kind to sign. The pianist takes her attention away from the recital and signs the document and the secretary leaves, but the student at the piano has lost her concentration, causing her recital to drift into ,mediocre and then into very a very poor performance. She leaves in tears and feels her life is ruined. She locks her piano and doesn't play anymore.


What for her was a life changing disaster was to the concert pianist simply the inconvenience of having to judge students when there was business of her own to be taken care of.


Circumstances come about that the young girl grows up without the piano and as a grown woman finds herself working for the husband of the concert pianist whose thoughtlessness ruined her life. Her position as an employee to the family gives her great opportunity for revenge. :Does she take that opportunity?


Actually her work shifts from the husband to the wife and she becomes the caretaker of their young son and the page turner for the concert pianist herself. I'm sure you can see where revenge would come easy in this situation, but what will surprise you is the final act of revenge.


Ourt page turner probably destroys the potential musical career of the young son of the concert painist, doesn't show up to turn pages for a pivotal concert that would have led to an Ameriican concert tour, but the final act of revenge is priceless. Rent the movie. It is a brilliant French film. I was spellbound throughout.


When friends of the concert pianist and fellow musicians get in her way, our leading lady is ruthless and will not be stopped. There is a trip to the emergency room and the victim can't even tell his wife how the accident really happened. In fact he just has to life with the injury.


Don't you think you should see the movie now?

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Taken on December 5, 2009