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Subway tunnel Solid Oak Collared Like father, like son Whttr Cty Cmmrc Bldng Make like a tree, and get outta here Cracks me up Evidence Fall has fallen in Autumn A plane, the moon, and Mars Writing on the Wall Now that's a cake it's just like riding a bike Yippee Sick Little Lillis IPA connect Thanksgiving week drive thru (and wait) gimme five

I'm taking one picture every day. This is Year 2 of my Photo-a-Day Visit my photo blog, where I post one photo each day
and check out Photo-a-Day Yr. 3 and
Photo-a-Day Year 1: The Slideshow or
Photo-a-Day Year 1: The Map (where every shot is placed precisely on a world map!).

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Michael_Soliman says:

These are great, Bill--I'm really inspired by this project of yours. I want to start my own Photo-a-Day set, but I keep procrastinating.

Keep up the great work!
Posted 99 months ago. ( permalink )

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Adrian Wallett says:

I love the idea of this project - reminds me of when artists aim to do a painting a day! Very cool! I made a collage once with 187 post-it note doodles from artists aroundthe world - great mind think alike!!!
Posted 78 months ago. ( permalink )

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