Dave & Bob

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    Dr Dave and Bob Mc D, Seattle, October 2009

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    1. CityWOOF 93 months ago | reply

      Great photo, guys!

    2. Tom Head 93 months ago | reply

      terrific photo.

    3. inter.glossa 93 months ago | reply

      During the long media blitz in Massachusetts about gay marriage it became clear that representing same-sex couples in image felt new, possibly because in modern times gay people were most familiar in images as isolated individuals or in group scenes. This image reminds us that the depiction of same-sex couples and families is still under development. Impressive that the same photographer who did the VHS Laokoon series did this...

    4. billpusztai 93 months ago | reply

      well, there are a few pioneers who laid the groundwork ... I think of Mapplethorpe for instance. But probably ours is the first generation to see it become in any sense "normal" to see gay people depicted as couples or families rather than a homogenous homomass, or eccentric individuals. I guess it's also important that most of the people I photograph, I know to some extent; hardly ever do I have someone walk into the studio "cold"; so part of what you're seeing is what is normal in *my* life, which is not really representative of "the general population" :)

    5. JRobFifty 93 months ago | reply

      Handsome couple.

    6. potterjohn 93 months ago | reply

      BRAVO!!!! a very good photo of two handsome men. well done.

    7. longing for... [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      Beautiful portrait!!

    8. dave-sage 93 months ago | reply

      Lovely warm light certainly helps.
      Forgive my occasional gearhead intercession if you will.
      This looks like a single light source, Bill. How did you get the wrap around, softbox?

    9. Bearfaced 93 months ago | reply

      Nice to see you guys on here, great photo Bill!

    10. billpusztai 93 months ago | reply

      u/s: it's a ground-level east facing window, in the AM on an overcast day, and a cream-coloured dropcloth on the west wall acting as a reflector; plus everything is shot in RAW so if need be I can add some fill light (don't think I did in this one tho)

    11. garethbee 93 months ago | reply

      nice feeling in this shot

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