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Mommy Long-Legs

This is actually a Harvestman spider. Commonly called Daddy Long-legs because, well, you know.


This one is a female. You can tell the gender of most spiders by looking at the size of their pedipalps, which appear to be legs number 9 and 10 and are found near or just below their pie hole.


Slender pedipalps indicate a female spider, whereas fat, bulbous pedipalps indicate a male.


These spiders are quite common up around the Susquehanna River area of Northern Maryland. Several of them crawled up onto me as I laid on the ground shooting their cousins, or some other creature.


It kinda gave me the willies.


Click here to check out her pedipalps.


It's Nature Weekend here in Bill Adams' photostream. If nature makes you ill, this is the place to bee!


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Taken on July 3, 2009