No Matter The Turmoil Around Him...

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MiniPup's always sportin' his little smile...

The give-him-a-little-kiss view.

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  1. Archer's Eye 106 months ago | reply

    Hmmm ya know, it is kind of cute.
    I think the little star bursts have me hypnotized.

  2. Bill Adams 106 months ago | reply

    Yep, he's a handsome little fella, he is!

  3. catbutler 106 months ago | reply

    MiniPup is sparkling! I'm afraid that unbelievable bougainvillea is gonna try to gobble him up! The Pup is good to go here.....

  4. Bill Adams 106 months ago | reply

    Archer, stop starin' at him! You'll give him a complex.

  5. P.D.B.E 106 months ago | reply

    the Red / Green / White are there, my fave colours.. :D

  6. Bill Adams 106 months ago | reply

    And no yellow! I know how much you hate yellow.

  7. P.D.B.E 106 months ago | reply


  8. ♥ Raycillient ♥ 106 months ago | reply

    BA, what on the hood of minipup's top? did u spray paint something on it? Let me see that!! :)

  9. Bill Adams 106 months ago | reply

    Thanks for kissin' my MiniPup, Dorina!

    I talk about MiniPup's roof emblem here.

  10. wagsdot911 106 months ago | reply

    Yay its mini-pup! He looks nice next to those pretty red flowers. Red is his color!

  11. annabelkristin [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    aww he is so cute!! He's shining so brightly on his white and really looks happy ;-) (i know i'm crazy, but it's a Mini!!!) wonderful shot :-)

    he gets a little kiss from me too!! ;-)

  12. Bill Adams 106 months ago | reply

    Hi Kari! Thank you!

    And, thank you, Annabel! MiniPup likes the kisses!

  13. ndrwfgg 106 months ago | reply

    I think he'd find my beard scratchy. But give him half a pint of best lube oil and a wipe of polish from me :-)

  14. Dally 106 months ago | reply

    I think Sadie would look really, really good in MiniPup. They have a lot in common. Sadie's a minipup, too.

  15. Bill Adams 106 months ago | reply

    You got it, Andy! I know he'll be deeply appreciative!

    Dally, I agree. Stick her in a TupperWare container and ship her over here to me for a photo shoot. I'll ship her back in the same container so you can continue to use it for your leftover StoveTop Stuffing.

    Use book rate postage. It's a lot slower, but much cheaper.

    Don't forget to burp it.

  16. Dally 106 months ago | reply

    Bill, it's becoming more and more clear how you survived your traumatic childhood.

  17. Koshyk 106 months ago | reply

    Bill, what is this? A reincarnation of the good ole Ambassador car that is so common in India? I love the way it shines! And the lovely plants around it too.

  18. Bill Adams 106 months ago | reply

    Hi there, Koshyk! It's a 1974 Austin Morris Mini Pickup Truck. It's bona fide! It was manufactured in the United Kingdom.

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